Our streets should be fair for all, not a free for all

Our streets need to be safe and convenient to use, whether you are driving, walking, biking or taking transit. Continue Reading

With great buildings come great responsibility.

Development in our neighbourhoods needs to reflect our community and be carefully managed, particularly the explosion of student rental housing. Continue Reading

City Hall that works for you.

You need to know that when you call your city for help or answers, you’re going to get what you need the first time you ask. Continue Reading

About Jason

Jason Allen
Photo by Jeff Tessier

For the past five years Jason Allen has been at Metrolinx as a Quality and Training Leader, but you’ve seen him around the neighbourhood. While he has spent his days in Toronto, Jason has dedicated his evenings and weekends to Ward 1 ... Continue Reading


Ward One streets need to be fair for all, not a free for all.

When I was growing up, Dairy Queen was a huge treat. Nothing was better than a soft serve cone on a hot day, so it was no surprise a while ago that when I needed to take the boys for a quick bite, I wanted to see if it was like I remembered. ... Continue Reading

With Great Buildings Come Great Responsibilities

Ward One has busy neighbourhoods filled with great architecture and the possibilities for vibrant new development. As Ward One councillor I will work to put in place ways to make property owners maintain not only our heritage buildings, but the houses that make up the core of our neighbourhoods. I will ensure that all redevelopment takes place in a thoughtful manner that maintains community standards while still producing effective and dynamic new buildings. ... Continue Reading

Making City Hall Work for You

It can be a difficult to work with the city – everything from getting a simple building permit to starting up a new business can seem like going through an obstacle course. My belief is that City Hall is here to make our citizens’ lives easier, not more difficult. I will work with the various departments and with my fellow councillors to make our City Hall a more transparent organization, with clear and easily understood policies. Whether it’s snowplows or buses, our citizens have a right to know where things are and to expect timely, courteous service. ... Continue Reading


Sarah Wayland Endorsement

Why I am supporting Jason Allen for City Council in Ward 1 Along with my friends and colleagues, I share MUCH anticipation over our upcoming October 27 municipal elections. New councillors! A new mayor! When the dust settles after the … Continue reading

Jeff Chuchman Endorsement

Everyone in Hamilton’s Ward 1 – take a moment to consider Jason Allen in the upcoming municipal elections. Not only is Jason a fantastic person, friend, father and political guru, he has an even greater platform: http://www.jasonaallen.ca/. Fair Streets, Smart … Continue reading

Laura MacDonald Endorsement

I’m a teacher. I spend a fair amount of my time assigning and checking homework. Some students are meticulous and always have their homework complete, others struggle in this area. I believe that doing your homework is as important in … Continue reading

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